Term of use

Terms of Use

Terms of User / Member Participation

A self-evident condition for the participation of the users / customers and registered members of pantazonas.gr in the services it offers is the acceptance of the terms of use defined here, and the faithful observance of them. It is expressly agreed that pantazonas.gr reserves the inalienable right to block the user or even to permanently delete him if he violates any of the following terms which are all considered essential.

The legal framework in relation to the promotion, distribution and purchase of products and services, as well as all relations between suppliers / sellers and users / buyers are determined by the provisions of the current legislation on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994 as in force today with Law 3587/2007).

It is noted that the user / buyer according to the provision of article 4 par.10 of L.2251 / 1994, as in force today, has the right to unjustified withdrawal from the contract of sale of the product / service within an exclusive period of fourteen (14) calendar days.

In order to exercise his / her relevant right, the user / buyer must, within the above deadline from the completion of the purchase, fill in the details of the "Withdrawal" model and send it in full by fax 2109601018 before expiration of the above deadline. At the same time, within the above deadline, the product must be returned to the facilities of pantazonas.gr at the expense of the buyer / user.

Return date means the date of delivery of the product by the user / buyer to a transport company, courier company or in other cases the date of delivery of the product to our facilities. It goes without saying that in order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the product must not have been used, any markings of our company or third parties ("cards", manufacturer's marking, stickers, etc.) that have been removed must not have been removed from it. on them the products and be those in excellent condition received without damage or any defect within their original packaging.

After the expiration of the above deadline of 14 calendar days, the buyer is not entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal and pantazonas.gr no longer has any obligation to return to the buyer. Upon receipt of the product, the buyer must examine it for any defects. In case a product is defective or has been sent incorrectly by pantazonas.gr then the buyer must within three working days of receipt contact pantazonas.gr and inform us of the defect or error, as well as whether he wishes the cancellation of the order or the shipment of the same or another product. In this case the buyer must return the entire product and its packaging to pantazonas.gr at the expense of pantazonas.gr, and the return must be completed within 30 days of receipt of the product.

Payment Method and Payment Procedure

pantazonas.gr accepts all Visa® and MasterCard® credit cards. Other credit cards may be accepted as it operates. For the security of user / buyer transactions, maximum security systems are used, such as digital certificate encrypted with SSL 128-bit, control of the three-digit security code of the credit card (CVV), which guarantee the buyer a secure transaction environment.

The credit card billing process and the offer / purchase payment will be done as follows:

The member / user - potential buyer - expresses his interest in a product and after completing the receipt or invoice information as well as the billing and delivery addresses is transferred to the website of the National Bank which is protected by a 128-bit SSL encryption system and provide his credit card details there.

The data of the user's credit card are not stored in the systems of pantazonas.gr with the consequence that he has to re-enter them in every new attempt. The user undertakes and guarantees by entering credit card details that he has a legal right to use it and that he approves the commitment of the purchase amount when and when it is completed.

You can also order our products with the cash on delivery system, In this case, we execute the order and you have to pay the corresponding price (and any agreed costs eg transport) upon receipt of the product by the employee us or the carrier of our choice.

Product Delivery / Shipping Costs

Immediately after the above valid receipt of the order, ie after the successful pre-approval of the buyer's credit card or the notification by him for the deposit of money in the bank account, the order preparation process begins.

pantazonas.gr will take every appropriate measure for the immediate shipment of each order which, indicatively, will be delivered to the buyer:

Delivered to the buyer within 3-5 working days. It is also possible to receive the online order from our physical store.

These deadlines are indicative and pantazonas.gr is not responsible for any delays due to force majeure or events that it cannot affect. In case for any reason pantazonas.gr predicts that there will be a significant delay, it must contact the buyer and inform him accordingly.

Shipping / cash on delivery costs are defined as:

For Greece shipping costs are free. Cash on delivery costs 1.50 euros.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights

Reproduction, reproduction, in whole, in part or in summary or in paraphrase or adaptation of the site content in any electronic, mechanical, or photocopying manner, without prior written permission is prohibited. Indicatively and not restrictively, the title of this website, the images, the logo, the insignia, the software and any database that can be used by the Company for the operation of the page, the texts, the graphics, the visual presentation, the layout of the website, the sounds used, etc. In any case and subject to the above, the member / user has the right to inform third parties (indicatively via e-mail, facebook, twitter etc.) for the products available through the website. It is also clarified that much of the content of the site belongs to its suppliers and is used with permission from them. Therefore, users are not given the right to copy, modify or republish the information contained in pantazonas.gr, unless previously granted written permission of pantazonas.gr or its respective suppliers.

User Responsibility

The users / customers of the website undertake the obligation and accept and declare that the access and use of pantazonas.gr must be in accordance with these terms. In any case, each member / user agrees to use this website in accordance with law and good manners. Each user / member undertakes not to use it for the transmission of any content that is illegal, contrary to European or Greek law, infringes the contractual or legal rights of third parties, insults social minorities, nations, races and religious groups, harass third parties and generally uses it. in an illegal manner and contrary to law and good morals. Each user owes and undertakes not to post on the Website any material that is technically harmful (such as computer viruses, logic bomb viruses, Trojan horses, worm viruses, malicious data, corrupted data or other malware or malicious data) and which may cause intentional or unintentional damage to both pantazonas.gr and / or computers, websites, etc. members / visitors, suppliers and the system as a whole. At the same time, the users / members undertake not to act in a way that burdens unnecessarily - intentionally or unintentionally - the system of pantazonas.gr and its technological infrastructure, creating unjustified problems. In case a use is found by a user that does not comply with the provisions hereof, as they are indicatively mentioned here, pantazonas.gr reserves the right to automatically delete the user without prior notice, and to perform any act provided by law to safeguard its interests and repair its damage. Each user assumes responsibility for any damage caused to pantazonas.gr by illegal or unlawful use, and must compensate pantazonas.gr from any damage that will be suffered by its behavior. The use of any program or other method of intervention in the operating mechanism of pantazonas.gr or in any entry that appears in it is also prohibited. The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account as well as for any malicious use of his credit card by third parties. And every statement he makes on the website, as well as every personal information must be true and not inaccurate or misleading.

Transaction Security and Confidentiality

The main concern and primary care of pantazonas.gr is to ensure the necessary procedures that guarantee the security and protection of sensitive personal data of members / users. Pantazonas.gr guarantees that it takes all the necessary measures by using the most appropriate technological methods in order to ensure the greatest possible security of transactions. GeoTrust® 256 bit digital certification technology is used during the credit card payment process which is one of the most secure methods. With 256 bits are encrypted all points of the website where users / members are asked to enter personal data and information. In addition, access to the systems of pamtazonas.gr (servers) is indicatively controlled by firewalls, etc., based on which access to its systems is controlled and access to confidential data and personal data of users is not allowed. We repeat that the strict observance of confidentiality and the protection of all kinds of personal data is the main concern of pantazonas.gr. The personal data of the user / member are kept secure for as long as he is registered on the website, in any way the end of the relationship between us, these data are deleted and are no longer accessible after the end in any way between us relationship. Pantazonas.gr guarantees users / customers that all the information they provide is used exclusively in the implementation, development and optimization of the services provided. Pantazonas.gr does not disclose to anyone and for any reason the details of its members / users unless requested to do so with legal assistance and in accordance with the procedure provided by applicable law. Each member / user has access to the data concerning him and reserves the right to correct or change any of them in case of error. More information can be found in the Privacy Policy


Limitation of Liability

e-shop has no responsibility to cover claims of third parties, of any nature, which may arise in connection with the use, copying, or falsification of the website or its contents or any other linked website by third parties not authorized persons, regardless of whether the e-shop was informed, knew or should have known about this possibility. Pantazonas.gr also does not guarantee at present nor can it guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted and safe access to its services as its operation is likely to be influenced by external factors that cannot be controlled. The e-shop has no responsibility for any relations of its users / customers with third parties that may be advertised in the e-shop. It is also expressly agreed that pantazonas.gr is in no way responsible for any civil claims or for the repair of any damage (positive, special or negative or of any form and for any reason) users / customers of pantazonas.gr or third parties due to is related to the operation or not and / or the use of pantazonas.gr. In particular, pantazonas.gr has no responsibility if for any reason it can not provide the services offered by its website as well as if third parties intervene in them or its products and a security gap occurs. Any liability of pantazonas.gr, in case there is a proven deceit that caused the damage to the user / customer is exhausted in the restoration of any positive damage to the customer / user that is causally related to his deceit.

Modify terms

pantazonas.gr reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew these terms, according to its needs and trading habits and when deemed necessary to ensure the services it offers, without any notice to members / users / customers who will be informed by special sites on the website about the changes made. The modifications apply to all users / members without any exceptions being made. Users / members / customers must comply with the modifications to continue receiving the services of pantazonas.gr.

Applicable Law

This Agreement as well as any contractual or non-contractual relationship between pantazonas.gr and its members / users / customers, is governed by Greek law, and courts competent to adjudicate any dispute are designated exclusively by the city courts. of Athens.

Also, for dispute resolution issues, you can contact the Electronic Dispute Resolution (Online Dispute Resolution - ODR) platform, at the link https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/?event=main.home .show & reload = false

Cookies Policy

In order for the top experience of our users, www.pantazonas.gr uses cookies, ie small text files that are placed on the hard drive of the user's computer as anonymous statistical data, without giving us access to his computer or absolutely no information about him.

The purpose is the continuous optimization of the content of our site, but also the recording of the preferences of each user for statistical and marketing reasons.

Cookies can be partially or completely blocked by the user, through the browser settings.


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